The inspiration for "Slave to Love"  
  One of my greatest friends in the world is DJ Herbie James. We met quite a few years back, he was spinning at a nightclub in Florida I was promoting at the time. We talked about life and music, and quickly became friends.

Although we live in different states, Herbie and I still talk often, and my husband Mike and I to listen to Herbie's mixes online.....especially when we're working.

Usually when I work on a piece of jewelry I have a name in mind for it right away, but for some reason I was blank when it came to this particular necklace. One day, as I continued to work on this necklace, I had the song "Slave to Love" going through my mind, which is from the soundtrack of the movie 9 1/2 weeks. Now this is kind of weird because I haven't heard that song or seen the movie in a very long time.

That night as I was listening to one of Herbie's latest mixes and finishing the necklace, the song "Slave to Love" came on! Herbie was closing one of his sets with it! Knowing that there are no "coincidences", I knew this was to be the name of the necklace!

The tangled chains in the necklace are meant to signify being bound....but in a good way because it is for something worthwhile....LOVE. What's really ironic is that I used a chain with mini silver and gold disco love for music and a subconscious tribute to Herbie!

My wish is that whomever purchases this necklace will not only feel good wearing it, but be reminded that we should all be "Slaves to love" by showing compassion for one another.

I believe the more love you give out, the more you will get in return....maybe not right away.....but eventually it will be yours. Keep your eyes open and don't forget to listen to the music!

Cara Mia

Cara Mia & Herbie James